Podcast Beginner's Guide

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are a great way to tune into your favourite topics and learn new things. But before you can listen to your favourite podcasts, you need to know what they are!
A podcast is a series of digital audio files you can subscribe to and listen to on your computer or mobile device. They can be about anything—from current events and politics to comedy and pop culture.
Podcasts are a great way to learn and stay informed and can be entertaining too!

How to Find and Subscribe to a Podcast

FIRST, head to your app store and look for a brilliant podcast app like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Audible, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Castro, PocketCasts, Stitcher or TuneIn Radio. These are the best apps for discovering and playing your favourite podcasts! You can access a wide variety of podcast content from their library. Some are free, while others require a subscription. Then, search for the shows you want to listen to. Each app has its unique interface and controls, allowing you to customise your podcast experience by adjusting playback speed, setting episode notifications, or downloading shows for offline playback. So don't be shy—explore these apps and see which suits you best!
SECOND, click on the show's icon and then hit the "Subscribe" or "Follow" button. That way, new episodes of your favourite shows will automatically be downloaded onto your device as they become available.
THIRD, determine how you want to listen to your podcasts. You can stream them live as you're attending or download them and listen offline.
And that's it! You're now ready to start listening to your favourite podcasts and exploring the fantastic audio content world.

Different Types of Podcasts to Explore

Now that you know the basics of podcasts, it's time to explore some different types.
There's something for everyone regarding podcasts, so finding the right show for you is essential. Whether you're into true crime, comedy, or self-improvement, there's a perfect podcast.
Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favourite genres to get you started:
Comedy: If you're looking for a good laugh, check out some of the best comedy podcasts. From absurdist humour to observational comedy, these shows will have you rolling with laughter.
True Crime: If you're into dark and twisted tales, true crime podcasts are for you. These shows will keep you on the edge of your seat with their spine-tingling stories of murder and mayhem.
Self-Improvement: If you want to improve your life, look no further than self-improvement podcasts. These shows offer advice and insights on everything from personal finance to fitness to relationships.

Tips for Listening to Podcasts

You've subscribed to your first podcast and are ready to listen. Here are some helpful tips to consider when tuning in:
First, make sure you have your device and headphones ready. Whether it's an iPod, tablet, or phone, having the right equipment will ensure a great listening experience with clear sound quality. Then double-check that you have plenty of storage space—and enough battery life—to download the new episode.
Next, it helps to have the latest version of your podcast app so everything will work properly. You can also create playlists and add favourites while listening to make it easier to return later. Also, don't forget to leave reviews or ratings for podcasts you love; it helps others find the same great content! Finally, pay attention and get involved: Participate in related discussion forums and check out the show's social media accounts for updates and extra information.

FAQs About How to Listen to Podcasts

Now you are armed with the knowledge of how to find and subscribe to a podcast, let's answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about listening to podcasts. With the ever-growing popularity of podcasts, chances are you have an abundance of questions about what this whole podcast-listening business entails.
Do I need special equipment? Not necessarily! You can listen to podcasts on your computer, phone, tablet or any other device that can access the internet. But if you want the best sound quality and richer features, such as skipping through episodes, headphones or speakers may be worth investing in.
Can I listen to podcasts offline? Yes! Most podcast streaming platforms allow you to download and save episodes for offline listening on multiple devices. You must hit 'download', and that's it. Then, with a customised selection of podcast episodes in your pocket, you're ready for your next journey or daily commute — wherever and whenever.


So, there you have it! Your complete guide to getting into podcasts. Now all that's left is to find a show or two you're interested in and start listening. Enjoy!

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