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Welcome to the "Find Yourself - the questions podcast"

I used to be one of those who couldn't stand their ground, with whom you could do too much without asking for your opinion.

Are you one of those people who want to live their personality? Who doesn't want to bend anymore? Who confidently makes their own decisions?
Then this podcast is for you!

Are you shaken and overwhelmed by the upheavals in your life? Do you feel isolated, unappreciated and unseen? You're concerned about how the world is evolving and feel powerless to help?

You may have asked yourself this question or similar questions before.
FIND YOURSELF; This podcast will show you how to find answers. You'd like to

So, what's in it for you?

Finding yourself - with wisdom and the help of the questions in this podcast. Every day for a whole year, you'll get an impulse for self-knowledge and inner growth. Be curious again about the day's question and find your answer every day.

My name is Bernd Wenske. I promise to uplift people like you - and your host on the FIND YOURSELF question podcast. I'm glad to have you on. Unfortunately, I don't have YOUR answers ready, but I guide you with a daily question in the concise episodes towards your self-understanding.

Please subscribe to this podcast right now so that you will be informed about new episodes in the future quickly and, of course, free of charge, and you can listen to them again later comfortably and stress-free.

I am happy to accompany you on your way to let your light burn brighter! Live your authenticity, your courage and your energy! Unfold your potential!

My name is Bernd, and this is the FIND YOURSELF Podcast. Listen and enjoy!


About Bernd Wenske and this podcast

When it comes to personal growth, finding the courage and strength to make the changes you want can often be challenging. Luckily, Bernd Wenske created a podcast to guide the listener's journey

In this podcast, Wenske goes beyond traditional self-care advice and offers an insightful look at how listeners can trust themselves and confidently make decisions. Each episode features a daily question to allow listeners to slow down, be more mindful, and access their inner wisdom. The daily question episodes are supplemented by gateway episodes at the end of each month, as solo episodes or with exciting guests.

In addition, Wenske emphasizes that the podcast should be easily accessible and supportive without barriers. Listeners can access this podcast free of charge, making it easier for everyone to benefit from the supportive and inspirational content.

This podcast is the perfect way to do it for those who want to grow, learn, and trust themselves more. With wise insights, Wenske's shows aim to empower listeners to access the potential within them and achieve inner growth.

Bernd Wenske is a global citizen who connects people internationally by supporting a good cause. He says: "We live in a primitive world where we see thousands of children starving to death every day and people killing each other over differences of opinion."

His actions aim to support people, for example, by raising awareness of their personal values to create added value for themselves and society. Community is essential - how we can quickly and easily strengthen cohesion.

"I am uplifting people" shows how easy it is to do good.


Your presents, gifts & koha

Grab what you need.

I wish you the most tremendous success in listening to the podcast and answering the daily question. Over the year, you will gain a better understanding of yourself and thus strengthen your resilience and personal strength.

Maybe start with the free FIND YOURSELF Journal, which you can print out to enjoy for a year. With the side effect of documenting your progress by entering your answers.


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