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Mastering Mindset and Embracing Epic Living

Meridith Alexander

Meridith is a firm believer in the inherent greatness that resides within every individual, the unique brilliance that distinguishes human genius. This greatness can manifest naturally or be unexpectedly thrust upon us, turning us into reluctant heroes. She sees these tiny seeds of greatness as waiting to be nurtured within our minds. By mastering our mindset and uncovering the beauty in our own stories, we not only liberate ourselves but also gain the ability to uplift others. Meridith envisions a world where individual greatness can coalesce into a powerful "Wholeness," creating a transformative momentum capable of changing the world. For her, it goes beyond finding joy in our personal lives, experiences, relationships, and businesses.
With a track record of assisting numerous individuals in overhauling their lives, both personally and professionally, Meridith has guided people through career changes, business launches, and the pursuit of a life that feels truly epic. She professes that her true calling lies in helping individuals awaken their full potential and embrace life with vigour.
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    Have a whole lot of fun in the process of UNLEASH THE EPIC YOU to begin obliterating the self-doubt, the fear and negative mind chatter so that you can start embracing your untapped awesomeness, surround yourself with a new supportive community and create that turbocharged 90-day action plan. (Check this website) to FINALLY unleash the EPIC version of You out into the world.
Human-Centric Creativity: Unleashing Artistic Expression

Michaell Magrutsche

Michaell Magrutsche, a multimedia artist and creativity awareness educator, showcased a passionate and charismatic personality. His advocacy for recognising art and creativity as essential aspects of the human experience was evident throughout the conversation. Magrutsche's deep understanding of the transformative power of art in fostering shared humanity and challenging systemic definitions of creativity was truly inspiring. His insights into the impact of artificial intelligence on human centricity and his thoughtful advice to listeners highlighted his keen awareness of the importance of human dialogue, adaptation, and personal development. Michaell Magrutsche's engaging presence and thought-provoking ideas undoubtedly left a lasting impression on listeners, emphasising the vital role of art and creativity in navigating today's complex societal issues.
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Kevin Palmieri

Kevin Palmieri's journey has been marked by the internal battles he fought against limiting beliefs and insecurities. However, for over 7 years, he grappled with feelings of insecurity, uncertainty, and inadequacy. Consequently, he downplayed his own intelligence and potential. Overcoming these internal challenges became a pivotal focus for him. Recognizing the impact of his beliefs about himself on every aspect of his life, he made a conscious effort to dismantle these self-imposed barriers to success. As a result, Kevin not only empowered himself but is also dedicated to helping others conquer their own internal struggles as a coach and speaker.
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Mind, Body, and Business: Strategies for Success and Well-Being

Adrian Knight

Adrian Knight is a determined and ambitious individual who is driven to succeed in every aspect of life. Struggling with inner demons and self-imposed obstacles, Adrian made the courageous decision to confront his fears and push through his boundaries.
His journey towards personal growth and self-discovery has led him to break free from the limitations holding him back and live a more fulfilling life.
With a solid determination to succeed, Adrian continues to strive towards achieving his goals with unwavering determination and resilience.
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    Follow Adrian Instagram for daily insights into his businesses and personal development regime. He posts several times per day.'@adrianjknight'
The Great Awakening starts with Agents of Change

Michael McGinnis

Michael McGinnis, Jr., also known as The Jungle Writer, has embarked on a transformative journey to awaken humanity worldwide. Mike has become a powerful force for change in this pivotal moment in history. His own personal transformation, triggered by a life-changing experience in his early twenties, propelled him to break free from the limitations imposed by his subconscious mind. Despite his many personal achievements, a lingering emptiness plagued Mike, leading him into a deep depression. This journey of self-discovery and overcoming adversity has shaped Mike's perspective and given him a powerful message to share with the world. Mike's journey serves as a powerful testament to the human capacity for transformation and the importance of finding our true purpose. Through his writing and personal experiences, he seeks to awaken humanity on a global scale. By sharing his story of overcoming adversity and finding meaning, he invites others to embark on their own path of self-discovery and embrace the power within themselves to create positive change.
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Check out ⁠Mike’s website⁠ for more! On his personal website 'michaelmcginnis.com'⁠⁠ you're invited to access all aspects of Mike's work, including others he finds helpful in global awakening. His books can also be found there.
The Summit Method: A Blueprint for Personal Growth and Success

Aliki Samone

Aliki Samone is a dynamic entrepreneur who seamlessly combines science and creativity in her pursuits. As a multi-talented artist, she excels as a singer-songwriter, creative author, and abstract mural painter. Her deep appreciation for nature fuels her adventurous spirit, and she finds solace in the vastness of the great outdoors. Previously, Aliki dedicated a decade to spacecraft design and program management before following her passions and establishing her own businesses. Inspired by her wisdom and profound connection to nature, she developed the Summit Method—an all-encompassing approach to life planning. With her camper van as her trusted companion, Aliki embarks on thrilling expeditions, exploring new hiking trails, conquering kayaking adventures, and embracing climbing challenges. Through her experiences, Aliki aspires to inspire others, motivating them to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars using her life as a guiding example.
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    Check out Aliki's book for more!
    If you want help implementing the book, book a coaching call, information is inside the book!
    Follow her on social media '@alikisamonebooks'
The Journey of a Love Language Linguist

Paul Zolman

Paul Zolman is the international bestselling author of ‘The Role of Love’, but God is the true author of love. In His wisdom, He placed us in various circumstances that require us to find our way back to His pure love. So, what qualifies Paul to speak about love? His childhood experience is the opposite of love. From that austere beginning and the distaste it formed inside him, he searched for and eventually created a method that transformed his life from anger to loving everyone. Growing up in a family of abuse, physical touch became my preferred love style only because of the regularity. He could almost count on it. It was consistent. He came to think that was the way to express love. But deep inside, he knew that was a twisted belief. Paul wanted a better life for himself, so he created a paradigm shift that worked.
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Find out more about the true role of love. Join him on 'www.roleoflove.com'⁠⁠ and get a little bit of backstory. You can listen to other podcasts and social media posts and watch videos here. Products made exclusively for Role of Love can also be purchased.
There is more from Paul on 'Amazon here'⁠⁠.
Each of us has the ability to regain personal strength by making conscious choices

Stacie Shifflett

Stacie Shifflett, a three-time international bestselling author and the Founder & CEO of Modern Consciousness™, comprehends the significance of leading a purposeful life. She firmly holds the belief that each of us has the ability to regain our personal power by making deliberate and conscious choices. Not just our big choices, but also the little decisions we make constantly throughout our day. How we react in situations. The words we choose. The thoughts we have. It’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life with the momentum of life pushing us forward rather than intentionally creating the life we actually desire. What are the effects of living this way? Increasing frustration, stress, and resentment which negatively impacts all areas of our life including the lives of those we love the most and our businesses. Stacie’s Elevate Your Life™ program is designed to guide you toward fully discovering your truths and reacquainting yourself with your authentic desires, truths, and values.
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Colin C. Thompson

Think about the last time that an event, situation, or person triggered you and left you in a negative and perhaps destructive mindset. How helpless did you feel? Colin has also felt that feeling of helplessness. Fortunately, after building up his mental fitness, Colin was able to avoid negative emotions and feelings of helplessness.
Colin C. Thompson is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach and through sharing his own experiences with you, you will gain new insights into mental fitness. You will not only learn about his personal journey, but also pick up tools to improve your mental fitness, improve your relationships, and increase your peace of mind and well-being. Your ability to maintain a positive mindset, regardless of what is happening to you, is an ability that you can learn.
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Ulrika Karlsson

Ulrika Karlsson, an international spiritual teacher, author, yoga teacher/therapist, healer and soul coach who turned her challenging journey of depression, burnout and suicidal thoughts into a transformative career, shared her inspirational story and unique perspective on the quest for inner peace and balance. She primarily helps people suffering from mental-emotional-physical-spiritual stress to live a life that is more spiritually consistent with who they are. Ulrika's method combines modern western techniques with ancient eastern wisdom and knowledge, offering a unique and transformative approach to finding inner peace and balance.
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    Ulrika has two high-quality offers for you:
    1. 15-minute Clarity Call to connect, to feel how our energies fit together - and how she can help you on your journey.
    2. Karma Clearing - as you clear your karma and past, you create a new and more prosperous future for yourself in which you align at a soul level with who you are.
    Visit Ulrika's website 'Relax into Expansion'
Guiding people to find purpose, use soul powers & live best lives.

Timothy Stuetz

Timothy Stuetz is dedicated to helping tens of thousands of people – including you and your children – unleash the full potential of their unique talents and soul power. Through his empowering teachings, you can learn to conquer any challenge life throws your way and achieve the success you deserve. Whether you're looking to live, love, and thrive as a conscious family, remain calm and centered amidst daily activities, or actualize your brilliance and creativity, Timothy Stuetz has the tools and guidance you need. With his help, you can enhance your living skills, boost your self-esteem, and learn while having fun. Best of all, you can do it all without relying on substances to feel high and alive. So if you're ready to thrive and succeed, join the thousands of others who have already benefited from Timothy Stuetz's transformative approach.
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Overcome Addiction, Heal from Trauma, and Embrace Your Shadow with Professional Guidance

Bettina Schwenk

Suppose you want to improve your life in various ways, such as overcoming addiction, healing from sexual trauma, or simply developing yourself further. In that case, the Powerful Life program of Bettina Schwenk may be right for you. The program is led by a sensitive and experienced guide who can help you safely and professionally navigate the path towards healing and integration.
Additionally, if you want to recognise your light, embrace your shadow, or get out of your cellar, this powerful life coach can help. Bettina offers safe and professional guidance for those looking to evolve. Furthermore, as a sensitive person who has already walked the path, they can help with healing and integration and find freedom from unwanted behaviour, patterns, or addictions.
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Dr Thomas A. Coucoulis

Dr Thomas A. Coucoulis is the ‘Ramp Peacock’, just like 'Rampensau', only more elegant. As a coach and trainer, he helps entrepreneurs and executives to convince in essential discussions and public appearances with the help of rhetoric, body language and the right mindset in every situation. A confident impression guarantees more sales, happier customers and more motivated employees.
For almost 25 years, he has been regularly on stages and in studios and not only looking at huge crowds but also at cameras and microphones. Being confident is part of his day-to-day business these days. Because he not only teaches his coachees the top secrets of a confident appearance, but he also shows them how to use these highly effective techniques in different situations.
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